The horror of discovering Mommy instead of Daddy

The horror of discovering Mommy instead of Daddy

Background I have children ages 4, 3 and 1. As such and until yesterday afternoon, I believed I would never feel the blunt rejection often exhibited by teens toward their parents until my kids were… teens. Ah, the lessons these cherubs never hesitate to teach me. Each morning, The Husband drives Charlie (4) to his […]

To my daughter: Today, I saw your heart

Dear Emma, Today, I saw the depth of your little almost-3-year-old heart, and it took my breath away. And I want you to know what it felt like. Before we got in the school car line to pick up Charlie, we parked down by the playground. It was teeming with big kids — older kids […]

Recognizing *our* mommy worth

The thing that gets me all the time about having a child with Down syndrome is that I never, ever, ever feel like I’m doing enough for him. That probably won’t ever go away. Then there’s my “typical” daughter Emma isn’t yet two and remembers the swim instructor’s name from one week to the next […]

Would you use Facebook to find your teen a prom date? Are you *sure*?

You know those preconceived ideas of parenthood you have when you’re not yet a parent? I know them only too well, because they always seem to come back to bite me. Like, daily. Before kids: I was never going to give in to whining. With kids: OhdearGod, take whatever you want just please stop whining! […]


Well, it happened. Now I understand the sign that reads, “Please Do Not Get Out of Your Car!” outside Charlie’s school. As my baby boy had to be tugged toward school… As my sweet little pumpkin craned his neck to make eye contact with me in the car… As his bony little shoulders shook with […]

Tough day on the playground… for Mom

I stood at the highest point of the sloping wood-chip-blanketed playground, able to see both kids running, laughing and playing. Hands on hips, sunglasses on head and a smile across my cheeks. I loved every moment of watching Charlie and Emma have fun. Ninety-degree scorching days had finally surrendered to a burst of unexpected coolness. […]

The long, crazy path to becoming a SAHM

I’ve never been one to shy from change. I’ve lived in five states. I’ve had five roommates. I’ve paid power bills in 10 cities (no, Dad, I am not counting home — and thank you for 18 years of free power!). Four cats and two dogs have counted on me to feed them. I’ve worked […]

Does 3 hours in BJ’s with 2 kids lower my parenting standards? You really have to ask?

Does 3 hours in BJ’s with 2 kids lower my parenting standards? You really have to ask?

Some days, you just feel like you live in a warehouse. Or, it turns out, you actually do. We never intended to spend our entire day Sunday at BJ’s. But the guys running the tire operation clearly have no kids and huge commissions on whatever families spend inside BJ’s while they’re held hostage waiting for […]

Does breastfeeding professor take ‘having it all’ too far?

Media are abuzz about a professor at my alma mater, American University, who brought her sick infant to the first day of class and then breastfed the baby while continuing to teach the class. The Washington Post provided a nice recap, balancing views for and against this decision. I’m a woman, a mother and a […]

Why I’m Chasing Charlie on a Weekly Basis

This blog is the level of therapy I can afford. As mom to a little boy with Down syndrome and a little girl with big blue eyes and a piercing shriek (ages 2 years and 9 months, respectively), I have stocked up on my share of wine. Eventually, however, one must find a, er, healthier […]