When two childhoods collide: One, a reader. The other, now an author

When two childhoods collide: One, a reader. The other, now an author

I knew what I was doing was wrong, but I didn’t care. To me, whatever consequences I faced were worth being able to stay completely immersed in my book. In elementary school, recess was my respite. While other kids raced to pick kickball teams, I scrambled to the top of the slide, like a cat […]

The horror of discovering Mommy instead of Daddy

The horror of discovering Mommy instead of Daddy

Background I have children ages 4, 3 and 1. As such and until yesterday afternoon, I believed I would never feel the blunt rejection often exhibited by teens toward their parents until my kids were… teens. Ah, the lessons these cherubs never hesitate to teach me. Each morning, The Husband drives Charlie (4) to his […]

Hateful letter rails against child with autism

What kind of person sees a child with special needs and thinks his parents should euthanize him? Maybe more people than we want to admit… but at the least, this cowardly, anonymous person, who didn’t just think it; she wrote it down and sent it in an anonymous letter to the child’s family. The story […]

The long, crazy path to becoming a SAHM

I’ve never been one to shy from change. I’ve lived in five states. I’ve had five roommates. I’ve paid power bills in 10 cities (no, Dad, I am not counting home — and thank you for 18 years of free power!). Four cats and two dogs have counted on me to feed them. I’ve worked […]

JLD: What if MY Charlie was YOUR Charlie?

OK, before you groan and say to anyone in the room, “Oh God, here she goes again,” just hear me out. This quick column is riddled with irony, and who doesn’t enjoy some good irony? Today’s “Chasing Charlie” column is titled, “Learn to advocate for your child with special needs.” Hmmm… Can you tell I wrote […]

Does 3 hours in BJ’s with 2 kids lower my parenting standards? You really have to ask?

Does 3 hours in BJ’s with 2 kids lower my parenting standards? You really have to ask?

Some days, you just feel like you live in a warehouse. Or, it turns out, you actually do. We never intended to spend our entire day Sunday at BJ’s. But the guys running the tire operation clearly have no kids and huge commissions on whatever families spend inside BJ’s while they’re held hostage waiting for […]

Does breastfeeding professor take ‘having it all’ too far?

Media are abuzz about a professor at my alma mater, American University, who brought her sick infant to the first day of class and then breastfed the baby while continuing to teach the class. The Washington Post provided a nice recap, balancing views for and against this decision. I’m a woman, a mother and a […]

Chasing Charlie: More truth, less apologizing

This week’s column was easy to write and hard to read. I felt embarrassed and ashamed of having some of the feelings I shared in the article. Being honest about insecurities is never easy, and when they pertain to your hopes and fears for your child, well, it can feel excruciating as a writer and […]

Why I’m Chasing Charlie on a Weekly Basis

This blog is the level of therapy I can afford. As mom to a little boy with Down syndrome and a little girl with big blue eyes and a piercing shriek (ages 2 years and 9 months, respectively), I have stocked up on my share of wine. Eventually, however, one must find a, er, healthier […]

Every mother’s nightmare: Charlie fell, and he fell hard.

Here’s the thing about parenthood: every one has its defining moments. You just gotta hope the good outweigh the bad, and that therapy evolves enough to help your kids forget the bad ones in a few decades. Today started off with a great one: I’m writing a column called, “Chasing Charlie,” for the website allParenting.com, […]