Raising awareness, one arse-kicking at a time. (Figuratively, of course.)

Today was World Down Syndrome Day, and I bet a lot of people flat-out couldn’t care less. This year, even the United Nations recognized World Down Syndrome Day. I wonder how many countries really paid attention. And by “attention,” I mean funds for research or resources or even a bloody T-shirt. Three years ago, this […]

A day in the life of my daydreams: it’s all about the pants.

A study reported today says daydreaming makes you smarter. Whatever, study kings. Have you spent a day in the life of a mommy? I subsist on daydreams and yet still feel the need to place a mirror at all exits as a precaution to make sure I’m wearing pants before leaving the house. Here’s just […]

Planet Parenthood: No translator needed.

Planet Parenthood: No translator needed.

Years ago, I spent three weeks in Thailand with a family who, in general, spoke little English. One day, I was left alone with one woman, and we were forced to figure out how to communicate without knowing each other’s language. By the time others returned that afternoon, we were laughing together and sharing insider […]

Before I’m 90, my part-time roles will yield only part-time guilt.

Forget about your Human Resources Department. The employer of tomorrow, in my bubble world, would have a GR department: Guilt Resources. I’m approaching the one-month mark in my job share, and certain emotions are beginning to splotch up the euphoric work-life balance like angry chicken pox. I work for a large corporation, and this job […]

I kissed a stranger this weekend, and I suspect it will happen again.

Have you ever kissed a complete stranger within moments of meeting? It happened to me this weekend. I have no doubt it will happen randomly throughout the rest of my life. Really, to talk about wanting to kiss strangers, I also have to divulge that there are probably even more times when I want to […]

How I bounced back from two pregnancies like a Gisele

Did I mention I have it all?  And by “all,” I mean in my mid torso region? And by “mid,” I mean from my neck to my ankles? After having two children in two years, my body seems to have decided we experienced so much trauma together, perhaps my memories have been affected. So my […]

Do you use the ‘R’ word?

We’ve all heard of the “n” word. Have you heard of the “r” word? “Retard.” “Retarded.” My skin crawls with each repetition, and the discomfort matches the ache in my heart. I’ve used the word. I recall it was one of the more popular retorts in elementary school.  “What are you, retarded?” “Retard!” We didn’t […]

About the Mommy

About the Mommy

About the Mommy.

This is a love story. (Well, if it doesn’t end in murder.)

At 39, I’m undertaking a mission probably better suited for a younger, svelter soldier.  (Is “svelter” a word?  One thing about me, I’ve been an editor forever.  That means I’m certified to invent words.  Too bad that activity doesn’t make me svelter.) So, anyhoo.  My mission.  I have one year to have it all.  I […]