A big decision about prenatal testing and a spotlight on D.A.D.S.

I tell you what, our house is like a sick ward lately. But in between the puke and snot, we’ve had several moments of true joy. We’re expecting no. 3, and over at allParenting, I wrote about choosing not to undergo prenatal testing this time. We had a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome for our […]

Charlie the Cheater: Charming the school system

When Charlie was in the NICU, the nurses and I jokingly called him “Charlie the Cheater.” He had a feeding tube and looked upon nursing or feeding from a bottle as an unnecessary exhaustion. “Look, Ma, I got this covered,” he seemed to say to me with his big blue eyes. Well, old blue eyes […]

Divorce: Does a “Down syndrome advantage” really exist?

Divorce: Does a “Down syndrome advantage” really exist?

I have to admit… I had too much fun writing this article. And I will concede (yes, Dad) I probably shared a tiny bit too much information about our lives. But that’s just so you’ll now feel compelled to share your story! I’d love for you to visit SheKnows and share your thoughts: Can one tiny […]

A veteran mother’s plea: In the wake of Ethan Saylor’s death, demand training of all law enforcement

Introduction from Maureen Wallace,  rookie mom of a child with Down syndrome   At least once a day since Robert “Ethan” Saylor died in January, I have thought about how my son, Charlie, could face a similar fate. Charlie has Down syndrome, just like Ethan. Many other parents of children with Down syndrome have written […]

WHY do national Down syndrome organizations refuse to collaborate?

WHY do national Down syndrome organizations refuse to collaborate?

One week ago, allParenting published my column titled, “Down syndrome organizations: Unite! We need you!” It was a small contribution to the steady drumbeat of outrage and concern after the death of Robert “Ethan” Saylor, a young man with Down syndrome who died while being restrained by three off-duty sheriff’s deputies in Frederick, Maryland, in […]

A message to ALL Down syndrome organizations

If you love someone with Down syndrome, or love someone who loves someone with Down syndrome… please, take a moment to read what may be the most important “Chasing Charlie” column I’ve written over on allParenting. A young man died, and because we don’t have information from an independent investigation, we cannot know the details. […]

I kept our secret pretty well for almost two years…

I kept our secret pretty well for almost two years…

And then I saw the post. A friend from our local Down syndrome association had posted on Facebook that she was looking for a caregiver for her children, one of whom has Down syndrome. I knew it was time. I knew we had to give another precious little boy the opportunity to be nurtured by […]

What a mom of a child with Down syndrome thinks about ‘designer babies’

I’ll be honest. I really thought this was going to be so much easier. When my editors at SheKnows and allParenting asked me to cover a debate on genetic engineering of babies, I thought, sure! How hard can it be? I mean, the hashtag associated with the debate was #designerbabies. Um, yeah. Controversial. Risky. Scary. […]

The long, crazy path to becoming a SAHM

I’ve never been one to shy from change. I’ve lived in five states. I’ve had five roommates. I’ve paid power bills in 10 cities (no, Dad, I am not counting home — and thank you for 18 years of free power!). Four cats and two dogs have counted on me to feed them. I’ve worked […]

Happy anniversary, blog… and a life-changing decision

One year ago this week, I began this silly, little, nondescript blog. I titled it, “Operation Have It All,” because I was embarking on a yearlong job share with a dear friend as a means of trying to create more balance in my life. I thought if I could successfully split my week between my […]