Charlie’s first day: Good mommy, bad wife

Charlie’s first day: Good mommy, bad wife

Welp. We did it. First day of preschool drop-off for Charlie, my 3-year-old with an extra chromosome and extra personality. It was not at all what I expected. Apparently, I don’t do well on days of first events. Three-plus years ago, I remember snapping at The Husband while I lay in the hospital bed like […]

Morbid Mommy: We have *got* to get healthy.

Maybe all parents have moments like these. Maybe it’s the pregnancy hormones. Maybe it’s because I’m an “older” parent (gag). Maybe, maybe, maybe. I’m sitting on the floor of my son’s room, watching The Husband get the kids ready for bed in the form of a rockin’ dance party. He is the yin to my […]

Happy Labor Day! “I have Down syndrome and run my own business,” on today

Happy Labor Day! “I have Down syndrome and run my own business,” on today

I have to be honest. Researching and writing this article was sobering. When you hear that someone with Down syndrome is running his or her own business, it’s exciting and easy to get caught up in the thrill and possibility. But it’s not easy. It can’t happen for everyone, and it won’t happen overnight. Three stories, shared […]

Hateful letter rails against child with autism

What kind of person sees a child with special needs and thinks his parents should euthanize him? Maybe more people than we want to admit… but at the least, this cowardly, anonymous person, who didn’t just think it; she wrote it down and sent it in an anonymous letter to the child’s family. The story […]

Tough day on the playground… for Mom

I stood at the highest point of the sloping wood-chip-blanketed playground, able to see both kids running, laughing and playing. Hands on hips, sunglasses on head and a smile across my cheeks. I loved every moment of watching Charlie and Emma have fun. Ninety-degree scorching days had finally surrendered to a burst of unexpected coolness. […]

Drama, an anniversary… and your feedback

What a week it’s been! On the heels of writing back-to-back-to-back articles about breaking news in the world of Down syndrome, I just realized I’ve been writing for allParenting for a whole year now.  I’m very lucky to be able to write about topics I’m passionate about — but I wouldn’t be able to do […]

Action alert for Ethan Saylor!

Below is the action alert created collaboratively (thank you, God) by the National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS) and the National Down Syndrome Congress (NDSC). Please help demand #justiceforethan by pressuring Maryland Gov. O’Malley to order an independent investigation. We must know the truth before we can make sure this never, ever happens again.  Take action. […]

Class picture breaks mom’s heart; Charlie turns 3 and… hippos?

It’s been an emotional week at SheKnows and allParenting! Here’s a cheat sheet on the infuriating, heartwarming and FUN articles that posted this week: allParenting let me tackle a trending story about a little boy and his wheelchair, set apart in his class picture but leaning eagerly toward his classmates. It made me so mad! […]

Ethan Saylor’s sister speaks out in The Washington Post

Tonight, my heart is bursting with pride over Emma’s strength, determination and accomplishment. Nope, not my Charlie’s Emma. Ethan’s Emma. (Perhaps everyone should have a sister named Emma?) Robert Ethan Saylor was an individual with Down syndrome who was killed five months ago this weekend. His family still has no resolution. No one has been […]

This crappy post may save your life.

This  post goes out to two primary groups: those who think they had a crappy day and parents. All parents. Any parent, especially one who has not yet encountered a roomful of crap. It’s coming, my friend. Oh, believe you me. It’s coming. Lucky for you, pioneers like me have blazed a trail. Forged a […]