Help protect our kids from restraint and seclusion discipline methods #noRS

I’d heard the terms “restraint and seclusion” but never dug deeper to learn what they meant. Then I wrote about it for, and the knowledge has been life-changing. Restraint and seclusion methods originated as tactics to defuse a bonafide safety threat: a child threatening his/her own safety or the safety of others. But along […]

Recognizing *our* mommy worth

The thing that gets me all the time about having a child with Down syndrome is that I never, ever, ever feel like I’m doing enough for him. That probably won’t ever go away. Then there’s my “typical” daughter Emma isn’t yet two and remembers the swim instructor’s name from one week to the next […]


Well, it happened. Now I understand the sign that reads, “Please Do Not Get Out of Your Car!” outside Charlie’s school. As my baby boy had to be tugged toward school… As my sweet little pumpkin craned his neck to make eye contact with me in the car… As his bony little shoulders shook with […]

Drama, an anniversary… and your feedback

What a week it’s been! On the heels of writing back-to-back-to-back articles about breaking news in the world of Down syndrome, I just realized I’ve been writing for allParenting for a whole year now.  I’m very lucky to be able to write about topics I’m passionate about — but I wouldn’t be able to do […]

Action alert for Ethan Saylor!

Below is the action alert created collaboratively (thank you, God) by the National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS) and the National Down Syndrome Congress (NDSC). Please help demand #justiceforethan by pressuring Maryland Gov. O’Malley to order an independent investigation. We must know the truth before we can make sure this never, ever happens again.  Take action. […]

Class picture breaks mom’s heart; Charlie turns 3 and… hippos?

It’s been an emotional week at SheKnows and allParenting! Here’s a cheat sheet on the infuriating, heartwarming and FUN articles that posted this week: allParenting let me tackle a trending story about a little boy and his wheelchair, set apart in his class picture but leaning eagerly toward his classmates. It made me so mad! […]

A message to ALL Down syndrome organizations

If you love someone with Down syndrome, or love someone who loves someone with Down syndrome… please, take a moment to read what may be the most important “Chasing Charlie” column I’ve written over on allParenting. A young man died, and because we don’t have information from an independent investigation, we cannot know the details. […]

What a mom of a child with Down syndrome thinks about ‘designer babies’

I’ll be honest. I really thought this was going to be so much easier. When my editors at SheKnows and allParenting asked me to cover a debate on genetic engineering of babies, I thought, sure! How hard can it be? I mean, the hashtag associated with the debate was #designerbabies. Um, yeah. Controversial. Risky. Scary. […]

The long, crazy path to becoming a SAHM

I’ve never been one to shy from change. I’ve lived in five states. I’ve had five roommates. I’ve paid power bills in 10 cities (no, Dad, I am not counting home — and thank you for 18 years of free power!). Four cats and two dogs have counted on me to feed them. I’ve worked […]

Happy anniversary, blog… and a life-changing decision

One year ago this week, I began this silly, little, nondescript blog. I titled it, “Operation Have It All,” because I was embarking on a yearlong job share with a dear friend as a means of trying to create more balance in my life. I thought if I could successfully split my week between my […]