Well, it happened. Now I understand the sign that reads, “Please Do Not Get Out of Your Car!” outside Charlie’s school. As my baby boy had to be tugged toward school… As my sweet little pumpkin craned his neck to make eye contact with me in the car… As his bony little shoulders shook with […]

Charlie’s first day: Good mommy, bad wife

Charlie’s first day: Good mommy, bad wife

Welp. We did it. First day of preschool drop-off for Charlie, my 3-year-old with an extra chromosome and extra personality. It was not at all what I expected. Apparently, I don’t do well on days of first events. Three-plus years ago, I remember snapping at The Husband while I lay in the hospital bed like […]

This crappy post may save your life.

This  post goes out to two primary groups: those who think they had a crappy day and parents. All parents. Any parent, especially one who has not yet encountered a roomful of crap. It’s coming, my friend. Oh, believe you me. It’s coming. Lucky for you, pioneers like me have blazed a trail. Forged a […]

The long, crazy path to becoming a SAHM

I’ve never been one to shy from change. I’ve lived in five states. I’ve had five roommates. I’ve paid power bills in 10 cities (no, Dad, I am not counting home — and thank you for 18 years of free power!). Four cats and two dogs have counted on me to feed them. I’ve worked […]

JLD: What if MY Charlie was YOUR Charlie?

OK, before you groan and say to anyone in the room, “Oh God, here she goes again,” just hear me out. This quick column is riddled with irony, and who doesn’t enjoy some good irony? Today’s “Chasing Charlie” column is titled, “Learn to advocate for your child with special needs.” Hmmm… Can you tell I wrote […]

Why I’m Chasing Charlie on a Weekly Basis

This blog is the level of therapy I can afford. As mom to a little boy with Down syndrome and a little girl with big blue eyes and a piercing shriek (ages 2 years and 9 months, respectively), I have stocked up on my share of wine. Eventually, however, one must find a, er, healthier […]

Every mother’s nightmare: Charlie fell, and he fell hard.

Here’s the thing about parenthood: every one has its defining moments. You just gotta hope the good outweigh the bad, and that therapy evolves enough to help your kids forget the bad ones in a few decades. Today started off with a great one: I’m writing a column called, “Chasing Charlie,” for the website allParenting.com, […]

Avoiding Jail, and Other Lunchtime Tales

Avoiding Jail, and Other Lunchtime Tales

I had a big ah-ha moment yesterday: My husband and I will never dine out with our children for at least the next five years. (Bonus ah-ha moment: Desitin and Ella’s Organic Fruit Pouch Thingies really need to better differentiate their packaging. But that’s another story for another time. Let’s just say I know a […]

Duct-taping self doubt before I become (more of) a quack.

Self doubt is a remarkable, powerful emotion. It’s like a nagging alter-ego, ready to pounce at the first sign of vulnerability, then feast like a starving animal. For me, it seems self sabotage evolves from self doubt – it becomes the next natural step amid a flurry of negativity. Whenever self doubt weighs in, I […]

The Devil Wears Under Armour

The pain was indescribable. Excruciating. Illogical. And then I finally quit hitting snooze and got up for my first 5:30 a.m. workout at Boot Camp. In keeping with true cliched, mommyhood blog material, this is the story of how I try to have a waistline in addition to everything else. Except I actually think this […]