From heartache, a tiny dream came true…

From heartache, a tiny dream came true…

I’m not one to have a list of life goals. (If you feel the earth shake, that’s The Husband nodding vigorously.) But as I seem to gain my footing in this universe and realize writing makes me a better person, I’ve started a tiny list of places tucked on the Internet where I would love to see my work acknowledged.

Today, one of those dreams came true. One of my favorite magazines, Mamalode, published my piece.

What makes this so special is seeing my name among the “Our Writers” list, alongside so many of my most admired writers. What humbles me is that the path to get there was emotional. The piece is a chunk of my heart, because it’s about hearing a child make fun of Charlie. That hurt, and writing about it helped.

But wait, there’s more

To add to the warm-and-fuzzy, I can see my name next to a dear friend’s because Laura Willard had her first piece published just yesterday. It’s like we did something together, even though neither knew of the other’s efforts and we’ve lived 3,000 miles apart for nearly 10 years.

She wrote an incredible piece on a milestone in the life of a mom with adopted children, one that’s poignant and goose bump-inducing. You can read her piece here.

I’m a mommy first.

But I’m getting closer and closer to saying, “I’m a writer,” too.



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