Well, it happened.

Now I understand the sign that reads, “Please Do Not Get Out of Your Car!” outside Charlie’s school.

As my baby boy had to be tugged toward school…

As my sweet little pumpkin craned his neck to make eye contact with me in the car…

As his bony little shoulders shook with panicked sobs and his eyes glistened with horrified tears…

I did the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. I did NOT throw it in park and race after him screaming, “PUT MY BABY DOWN!!!! I’M RIGHT HERE CHARLIE!!!! WE WILL HOME SCHOOL YOU!!! HELP!!!! POLICE!!!!”

But I did finally lose it.

So, there. I’m human. I finally get the tears thing. I called The Husband as I rolled away, foot covering the brake in case I heard someone yell, “COME BACK!”

And this time, The Husband was the one to reassure me that Charlie would be just fine. That he was probably already playing away happily.

But it still sucked. Damn kids.

I’m sorry, honey. We really do lose it at excellent alternating times.


  1. I’d love to say it gets better, but um, I dropped off my youngest this morning, who’s now a fifth grader and yeah…..the tears were there. The only thing I’m getting better at is remembering not to wear mascara on the first day. It used to be that we were both clingy. Now I’m the nutcase. HA!

  2. It gets easier. I promise. And then your tears flow when they walk in without so much as looking back for you.

    • Maureen Wallace says:

      Ugh, Jenn… I didn’t even think about that… this emotional roller-coaster is never-ending! I liked it better when I was stoic and unemotional.

  3. Wait until you drop a child off at college.

    • Maureen Wallace says:

      Mati, I can plan only for the next three days at a time. College drop-off is unfathomable. Much like Thursday night’s dinner.

  4. Maureen , When dropping off kids in elementary school both mother and child cry. When dropping my girls off at their respective colleges it was I the mom who cried buckets all the way home.

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